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Chalking Hands
  • What do I wear to my gymnastics class?
    All children should feel comfortable in whatever they decide to wear. We suggest Leotards/one piece togs OR bike pants/shorts & tight fitting singlet/t-shirt or crop top. Loose fitting clothing is not recommended as it could pose a risk when on the apparatus. Long hair must be tied up and away from the face preferable braided / platted. In the cooler month’s footless tights and skivvy’s are ideal and a warm tracksuit to put on immediately after class.
  • What are your class sizes?
    Our class sizes are at a 1:8 coach to child ratio. If a class increases over this there will be a gym leader or assistant coach assigned to the class. We have a maximum of 10 in a class.
  • Can I join anytime or do I have to wait for a new term?
    Children can enrol at any time of year! Term invoices will be amended to align with your start date.
  • Do you run through school holidays?
    Yes, Here at Lawnton Gymnastics we run 6 x 8 weeks terms throughout the year. We do not run classes on public holidays.
  • Can parents come onto the gymnastics floor?
    We do prefer for parents to stay within the viewing areas set up at the venue. If you need to talk to your child or get something to them please see the office or ask one of the coaches nearby to get them for you.
  • Are the children covered by insurance?
    Lawnton Gymnastics is affiliated with Gymnastics Queensland and Gymnastics Australia which means all gymnasts are registered and insured through these governing bodies.
  • When will my child progress to the next level?
    Each child will progress to the next level and or class when they are physically and mentally ready to do so. Their coach will determine when this will be and if they need to move to a different class for this progression or progress within the class they are in.
  • Do you offer a trial before signing up?
    Yes, any new student starts with a 2 lesson introduction at a small cost. We offer a 2 lesson intro as we work on half the equipment one week and the other half in the following week. This provides your child the opportunity to have a try on everything before deciding to commit to joining us.
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