The Principal of the LAAG is the designated Covid-19 Safety Coordinator. If you have any queries, or concerns in regards to our preventative measures, or if you need to report a case of Covid-19 please make direct contact with the Principal by email. A Covid Safety Plan is in place and is constantly being reviewed and updated as new information comes to hand in line with the Government requirements for the Indoor Sport and Recreation Industry. We ask for your support in following the guidelines set at the time for the health and safety of our entire membership.


Academy Colours - Dark Blue, Aqua & White.

When in the gym it is essential that suitable clothing be worn for both safety and comfort.

  • FOR GIRLS - Leotards/one piece togs OR bike pants/shorts & tight fitting singlet/t-shirt/crop top. Long hair must be tied up and away from the face preferable braided / platted.
  • FOR BOYS - Shorts (no pockets - above knee length) or bike pants with a t-shirt/singlet.
  • FOR COMPETITIONS - Click the blue link for the Lawnton Academy UNIFORM REQUIREMENTS.
  • Information on suppliers of Handguards & other accessories is available from our office or from the contact/links area of this website.
  • Footwear (e.g. sandshoes & socks) must be worn to and from the gym but not on any of the equipment.
  • During winter gymnasts must wear a tracksuit or comfortable warm clothing.
  • NO JEWELLRY, INCLUDING FIT BITS, SHOULD BE WORN OR IN YOUR CHILD'S POSSESSION AT THE GYM. Any non-removable piercing's should be taped over.

Second hand uniforms in good condition are sold through the office. Cash only payments for these items.


Due to Covid-19 restrictions in place we may have limited viewing facilities available due to the square metre requirements in place for Indoor Sporting Centres. The number of persons allowable to view from out lattice area will always be sign posted in the lattice area. Should the restrictions be lifted we will return to the below viewing policy:-

(All viewing must take place from the front lattice area ONLY.)

  • Kindy Kippers - an adult is expected to be in attendance for the entire session assisting the child through each activity.
  • Pre-Prep Flyers - In this program we are developing your child's independence and classes are generally held without parent supervision. We strongly encourage parents to join in if their child needs this attention at any time. Parents will be called upon to assist with supervision at times during class in the interest of safety. Viewing from the upstairs training area is permitted during the Pre-Prep Flyer class times only.
    PLEASE NOTE: If parents choose to leave the gym premises during class time it is important that the office be provided with their contact details if these are different to those provided on the Annual Registration form.
  • For school age gymnasts attending 1 - 2 hour training sessions
    We have an open policy regarding parental viewing of these classes however we encourage parents to not ALWAYS view their child's class. Children need to learn to work independently and if their full concentration is not on what they are doing there is a SAFETY issue in this regard.
  • For school age gymnasts attending training sessions of 3 hours or more in duration
    Parents are welcome to view their child's training session in the week preceding each school holiday period only. For safety reasons parental support of this policy is requested.

Gymnastics Australia (GA) is committed to the safety, wellbeing, and empowerment of all children accessing our programs and services including indigenous children, those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and children and adults with disability. As an affiliated Club of GA we are expected to abide by the policies set. The Academy is committed to protecting children from harm and promoting their wellbeing at all times during their participation in activities run by the Academy.

Gymnastics Australia’s (GA's) Child Safe Policy and Member Protection Policy are part of the organisation’s proactive and preventative approach to uphold our commitment to the safety, wellbeing, participation and empowerment of all children who access our activities, programs, services or facilities.

The Member Protection Policy and the Child Safe Policy should be read in conjunction with each other. The Child Safe Policy outlines the Codes of Behaviour expected when dealing with children, whilst the Member Protection Policy outlines the general Codes of Ethics and Behaviour for specific cohorts within the sport. It also outlines the discipline by-law and appeals process.

Both policies apply to anyone involved in the sport of gymnastics in Australia including (but not limited to) employees, members, parents/guardians, spectators, volunteers, judges and other officials.

GA encourages everyone to read and understand both policies in detail and to watch our short explainer video which can be found here.

As required by the Commission for Children and Young People any person involved in the instruction, management or coaching of any student under the age of 18 years must undergo a “Working with Children Check” as required by the Commission for Children and Young People Act 2000 (QLD) prior to commencing child related work. All Academy personal hold current Child Commission Blue cards. Resumes are located on the notice board in the front office.

  • Mitchell Jones
    High Performance Gymnast
    Abide by all Academy, Gymnastics Queensland & Gymnastics Australia rules.
  • Co-operate with your coach, team/class mates and opponents. Without them there would be no gymnastics.
  • Never argue or publicly question the decision of a judge or official. If you disagree with a score given speak to your coach. Make all appeals through the formal process and respecting the final decision.
  • Control your temper. Verbal abuse of officials or other competitors, deliberately distracting or provoking other gymnasts is not acceptable or permitted behaviour in any sport. Do not initiate or tolerate acts of aggression.
  • Recognise that physical, sexual or verbal abuse, bullying, tormenting or ridicule is unacceptable behaviour by any student.
  • Conduct yourself in a professional manner relating to language, temper and punctuality.
  • Work equally hard for yourself and/or your team or class. Your Team’s/Class performance will benefit and so will you. Be honest in attitude and preparation to training.
  • Be a good sport. Applaud good work whether it is done by your fellow gym mates or other competitors. Respect the talent, potential and development of fellow participants.
  • Treat all participants in your sport, as you like to be treated. Do not bully or take unfair advantage of another gymnast. Maintain high personal behaviour standards at all times.
  • Be frank and honest with your coach concerning illness and injury and your ability to train fully within the program requirements.
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.
  • Care for and show respect to the equipment and facility provided at training and at events.
  • Participate for your own enjoyment and benefit, not just to please parents and coaches.
  • Encourage your child to participate, develop and challenge itself in gymnastics but do not force them.
  • Remember children are involved in organised sports for their enjoyment, not yours.
  • Encourage your child to always participate according to the rules and help them understand the value of rules. Settle disagreements without resorting to hostility or violence.
  • Focus on your child’s efforts and performance rather than winning or losing.
  • Never ridicule or yell at your child for making a mistake or losing a competition.
  • Recognise that physical, sexual or verbal abuse, bullying, tormenting or ridicule is unacceptable behaviour by any member and act appropriately to prevent or deal with such behaviour.
  • Remember that children learn best by example. Show appreciation and applaud good efforts and performance by all participants including opposing Participants.
  • Respect the decisions of coaches and judges and Academy management and encourage your child to do likewise.
  • Support all efforts of your club to remove negative and/or destructive behaviour and attitudes.
  • Show your appreciation and respect for volunteers, officials, coaches, judges and administrators for without them your child could not participate.
  • Respect GA/GQ administrators and abide by their decisions.
  • Remember that the Academy Staff have feelings too, so please express your opinions in a constructive and helpful manner and avoid gossip and rumour which may arise regarding the Academy.
  • Allow fellow parent the respect they deserve in their viewing of, or involvement in their child’s participation.
  • Support the Academy Staff by offering them your trust and confidence and show interest in what they are doing - they are striving to do their best to support the interests of your child.
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every young person regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.
  • Remember that children play organised sports for their enjoyment and benefit not yours. They are not there to entertain you, and they are NOT miniature pro athletes. Focus on the Participants efforts and performance rather than winning or losing.
  • Be on your best behaviour. Don’t use profane language, sledge or harass players, coaches or officials.
  • Applaud good performances and efforts from all individuals and teams including opposing participants. Congratulate all participants on their performance regardless of the competition outcome.
  • Show respect for your team’s opponents. Without them there would be no competition.
  • Never ridicule or yell at a child for making a mistake or not winning a competition. Positive comments are motivational.
  • Allow fellow spectators the respect they deserve in their viewing of classes or events.
  • Review the photographic policy for the appropriate event, Affiliated Club or State Association member before taking photos or videos of participants.
  • Show your appreciation and respect for volunteers, officials, coaches, judges and administrators for without them your child could not participate.
  • Condemn the use of violence in any form whether it is by spectators, coaches, officials or participants.
  • Respect the official’s decisions and teach young people to do the same. Do not publicly question the official’s judgment & never their honesty.
  • Encourage participants always to compete according to the rules and respect the official’s decisions.
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every young person regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.
Click Here to download the Lawnton Academy’s Safety Rules.


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